Saving the planet or gaining power by leading us to be green?


The President and his supporters say we need to be green, but are they wanting us to be green for the planet or their power?


One Response to “Saving the planet or gaining power by leading us to be green?”

  1. The president wants us to be GREEN because he (like most of the left) is envious of those who have experience and REALLY know what they’re talking about…listen, these Green Peacers may do a little good every now and then but it doesn’t compare to the GOOD that REAL Americans and REAL Conservationist do for the environment, others and various species that would have long been extinct.

    When I say Conservationists, I mean HUNTERS and other REAL Americans that helped form this nation and those who kept it rich in natural resources. Note, I said “HUNTERS” (not poachers). Hollywood and other Obama worshipers DO NOT KNOW the difference….because they’re GREEN! Green behind the ears and green with envy for those of us who stand true to our convictions, Cling to our guns and still see the importance of worshiping a GOD that started, blessed and protected this nation for all these years. If they can’t have the peace and satisfaction that we REAL Americans have…then their only recourse is to take GOD, family values, moral convictions, guns and YES, even our freedom of speech. After all, only those who call themselves “GREEN” have the right to vote, speak and rule the masses…even though they are, by far, the minority! Hhhhmmm, I believe there was another idealist Obama and those like him remind me of…If memory serves me, this funny little man had a funny little mustache and made a lot of promises in the form of lies!

    My friend, if you can’t tell the difference in REAL Americans and the Green Peace Americans (and they are anything but peaceful) then I pity you. You’re greenness/ignorance is just the kind of vulnerability that the Obama crowd loves to go after…like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. DON’T BE SHEEP PEOPLE!

    WAKE UP!!!!


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