Charles Gibson – Junk Journalist?


The GOP’s VP pick tells Charles Gibson what she meant by her “holy war” comments

Reporter: Charles Gibson
Publication: ABC NEWS

In this interview, Gibson uses the junk journalism practice of omission. The edited video does not follow the transcript published by ABC News.  In it, Gibson says “You said recently in your old church our national leaders our sending U.S. Soldiers on a task that is from God.”  Palin answers: ” You know, I don’t know if that was my exact quote.”  Gibson responds: “Exact words”. The problem for Gibson is ABC Newsedited out Palin’s answer and when they ran the video of Palin’s speech, it is clear that Gibson used only part of the phrase changing the meaning.  What Gibson did was take a complete thought starting with “pray for” and edited it to fit his view.   Also, ABCused “Holy War” in promoting the story as if they were Palin’s words, but they are Gibson’s words.  Read More


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