Obama Teaching Our Children Well

obama-shaking-money-out-of-child-23The president says lobbyists will be flushed from the system but his proposals are driven by public employee union support.  Unions saddled local, state and the federal government with unsustainable pension plans and unresponsive bloated workforces.  When the president speaks of shared responsibility and sacrifice, he talks only to the private sector.  He rails against the AIG bonuses but says nothing of public employee pension plans that pay more than 100 percent of the employee’s highest year’s salary or allows them to retire at 55 with a smaller payment.  In the future,  Civil Self Service  may be all that is left for U.S. workers.  What happens when there is no private sector to pay for the public sector?


2 Responses to “Obama Teaching Our Children Well”

  1. When I graduated high school a year ago I remember thinking “what did I learn about life from the past 12 years of sitting 7 hours a day 5 days a week and that blackboard pretty much sums it up!

  2. Yes,

    Jason is so right and I’m so pleased and relieved that there are still some very intellectually gifted kids out there that may still provide hope for this nation. Our generation certainly hasn’t made their job easy in cleaning up a major mess!

    Jason, if you recall, it all started with Sesame Street and never stopped until the left was certain that they had us brainwashed. I liked Sesame Street and still like the concept for giving kids a head start BUT their indoctrination of “tolerance” has gone far beyond moral limits and I would like to see the entire educational system go down the drain and make way for the system WE used to have. Look back and see how the GREAT men of our nation received an education…not only did they earn that education but they cherished the opportunity.

    If you do check out the history behind our fore fathers and the GREAT educational system of private, Christian and home schooled children…don’t rely on the history books within the current PUBLIC system for the truth.

    I’m so encouraged that kids like Jason have been brought up properly and have not been victimized by the perverse lies of the LEFT.


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