White House Service Department



The White House now says it will guarantee the warranties of GM and Chrysler.  How does Ford compete against a federally guaranteed warranty?  Just who will a consumer call if GM and Chrysler fail and they need warranty work?


3 Responses to “White House Service Department”

  1. The Republicans are to blame for this just as much as the Dems although the Dems do a WHALE of a better job at worsening ANY problem. The Republicans may occasionally make terrible decisions out of greed but the Dems make decisions MOST of the time out of stupidity.

    Our society seems to be based on rewarding those who are lazy, ignorant and/or illegal; catering to those who aren’t even American (including the president’s own family members).

    I have two words for everyone…”TEA PARTY”!

  2. That is hilarious! I love the GM/Chrysler flag on top of the white house. Obama sure has interesting ways of reviving the economy…

  3. Jason,

    Hitler was a very interesting fellow as well but he practically killed his nation and heritage with what may still be the most dreadful government in the modern age….horrific, even in comparison to Saddam Husein. I just wonder what OUR Husein is capable of. We’ve already seen quite a bit in just the first 100 days so time can only tell.

    I agree with Jason….the editor did a great job adding the flag! So funny, yet so SAD! If we don’t laugh we’ll all go crazy from crying.


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