Do As I Say, Not As I Do


4 Responses to “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

  1. jjchronicles Says:

    In true ruling class form, the California Governor encourages us to save the planet while he and his family make the choice to live in Los Angeles forcing him to fly to work each day to his job in Sacramento. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is definatley not leading by example. He really isn’t much of a leader.

  2. I agree…we have a definite shortage of leaders and on the job training is the case with our current president who is definitely lacking in leadership. He is as ridiculous as the California Governor in that he would have Americans living uncomfortably while he lives high on the hog.

    Many of his comments would have devastated any other politician’s possibility of becoming president or even dog catcher but with the support of the LEFTIST media and those who know very little of history and the TRUE American way of life, he can do no wrong!

    I am appalled that Obama made the comment that Americans can’t expect to live “comfortably” while the rest of the world suffers. Obama stated that We The People should keep our heaters uncomfortably low while he keeps the heater HOT in the White House.

    Where’s our leaders? I don’t know but the CHANGE we currently have is truly no change at all and if anything, this change is not necessarily a good change. There are bad changes if one cares to ask the citizens of Cuba and other NON-free countries.

    We need leaders that are accountable, willing to abide by there own expectations and have the best intentions for America…not their personal beliefs or stubborn loyalty to a failing system (whether Dem or Rep).

    “Do as I say…not as I do” is getting old but until we find REAL leaders, I fear that NO ‘good’ change will come to America.


  3. zigfield Says:

    Are you refering to Gov. Arnold Kennedy?

  4. I’m refering to ANY and ALL who feel that they are above what they preach or expect to live as they please while the REAL Americans pave the way with sacrifices.

    Zigfield, you are right about Arnold being a Kennedy…I see little to no difference in the lot of them . Those who are of the left or rub elbows with the left are KILLING this country and I dread the day when everyone hears the small, subtle voice of “I told you so”.


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