Guantanamo Where Will New President Put Prisoners

The new President is anxious to close the detention center for alleged terrorists, but he never says where he will put these prisoners.


One Response to “Guantanamo Where Will New President Put Prisoners”

  1. I believe the White House has room for most of the detainees so let Obama keep them. I’d rather him be subject to the danger than families such as mine.

    You can’t place them in a regular prison system because the terrorists will either be killed or ‘convert’ many followers while there.

    The best way to destroy America is to allow the enemy to operate WITHIN! I hope Obama gets better at his new job because his first few decisions were idiotic at best.

    I’m not a Bush fan (although he was not a bad president) but I can’t begin to imagine where we’d be as a nation had we elected Obama BEFORE 9/11. Hopefully, he will not ban firearms as he would like to do because we may need them to fight the war on terrorism here IF his policies of bringing them to shore continues.

    Regards to all,


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