Obama Rescue Plan Aimed At Sinking The Middle Class?





Obama's Rescue Plan Aimed At Sinking The Middle Class

Job Loses hit 651,000 in February.  President Obama looks to tax the rich but working families may be his real target.  With the President seeing the crisis as a way to move his agenda forward, he may be operating on the philosophy of “No pain no gain”.  His administration appears to believe the more pain it can inflict on the middle class while claiming to target the rich, the more likely he will be able to move his agenda forward.


2 Responses to “Obama Rescue Plan Aimed At Sinking The Middle Class?”

  1. The brief article is well put and all I can say is; “AMEN”! But I simply can’t resist putting in my two cents worth!

    One has to understand that the current ‘regime’ has yet to pin-point exactly WHO the middle class actually is and if it is as it has ALWAYS been with the Socialistic views of the Liberal Left-leaning Democrats (and it is), then the “Middle Class” is simply ALL those who are able to PAY, Pay, pay!!!!

    If you have invested wisely, saved your money and have accumulated ANYTHING through hard work and Wise, Godly living, then you, my friends, ARE THE MIDDLE CLASS!

    It still amazes me as to why we can’t get a LEADER that sees the fairness in setting up a tax system that FORCES all to pay their fair share through SALES TAX or a 10% income tax for ALL. The Sales Tax would be better because you have many that will quit work or (if fired) never try to get a job and live off of you and I. They’re doing it now! Besides, I know of too many folks on welfare that still buy cigarettes and booze on MY money and it’s just not right!

    What’s NOT right or AMERICAN is the taxation of Americans who own land, a house or wish to leave their kids with family land or a nest egg. If we really focused on what’s going on and has gone on for years, we’d easily see that are tax situation is MUCH worse than when Ole King George forced us to dump the tea!

    I believe we’re getting to the point of “dumping the tea” again….or go down the drain. Next stop…LOSS of FREEDOM!


  2. To all those concerned…

    I look forward to seeing more comments on this site (whether those comments agree with my points of view or not). In fact, I challenge anyone who opposes the views of a REAL American.

    I am a REAL American and the gloves are off!


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